Snow and Ice Storms Cut Across South and Mid-Atlantic


Blizzard conditions stretch south of the Mason-Dixon line, leaving a quarter of a million people without power

A wintry blast of snow and ice swept from the Midwest to the South Monday night, burying some regions in more than a foot of snow and cutting off power to hundreds of thousands of homes.

Power outages rolled across Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee and Arkansas, NBC News reports, as sheets of ice downed power lines and coated city streets. Six governors declared states of emergency and over a quarter million were without power Tuesday morning.

The highest recorded snowfall, 18 inches, fell in eastern Kentucky, while accumulations of up to 9 inches were forecast for Washington D.C. as snow fell up and down the eastern seaboard. The federal government said it would be closed Tuesday due to the inclement weather.

Meanwhile, the city of Ithaca in upstate New York has officially posted a surrender notice to this year’s winter weather, inviting visitors to its official tourism webpage to visit Key West instead:

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