Trump Claims Historic Success, Despite ‘Obstructionist’ Democrats

President Donald Trump blamed “obstructionist” Democrats for slowing his agenda Monday, even as he lauded his success as historic.Meeting at the White House with his entire cabinet for the first time, Trump used his opening remarks to blame Democrats for delaying the meeting, saying the opposition party held up key appointments in the Senate to score political points.

“They are obstructionists and that’s sad. But we are coming up with something that I believe will be very, very good with zero support from the obstructionists,” he said.

Senate rules require only 51 votes to confirm presidential appointees, so the Republican majority has enough votes to approve Trump’s picks on its own. Democrats can do little more than delay the process.

Going around a large table at the White House, Trump’s cabinet members offered praise of the president and gave brief updates on their department’s work.

Despite the obstruction, Trump boasted that he had already accomplished more than most presidents in U.S. history.

“Never has there been a president — with few exceptions, in the case of FDR he had a major Depression to handle — who’s passed more legislation, who’s done more things than what we’ve done,” Trump told his cabinet members. “I think we’ve been about as active as you can possibly be at a just about record-setting pace.”

Trump added that he was following through on his campaign promises “at a much faster pace than anyone thought,” citing executive orders, the rollback of government regulations, and 34 bills passed by Congress.

Congressional Republicans have increasingly voiced concern about the slow pace of legislative accomplishments on health care, tax reform, and other issues. As for nominations, the real bottleneck in the process, Democrats and others say, is at the White House, which has yet to appointment nominees to fill many vacant positions in the government.

Alex Seitz-Wald