What it would take to impeach president Trump

Conflicts of interest. Authoritarian tendencies. Finances obscured from public view. Secret ties to Russian oligarchs. There are those who have speculated that this litany of offenses, exaggerated and actual, by the current president of the United States might be sufficient to force Republican congressional leaders to bring articles of impeachment that result in the president’s removal from office. That’s not […]

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Hillary Clinton Permanently Deleted Her Emails

“No emails … reside on the server or on any backup systems associated with the server” (WASHINGTON)—Hillary Rodham Clinton wiped her email server “clean,” permanently deleting all emails from it, the Republican chairman of a House committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi attacks said Friday. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said the former secretary of state has failed to produce a single […]

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Democrats Caught Up in Controversial Indiana Religious-Freedom Law

Obama, Clinton have backed similar religious-freedom bills Indiana’s new religious-freedom law, which has prompted calls for a state boycott because it might permit discrimination against gays and lesbians, was made law by a Republican governor and Republican legislature. But the controversy could also ensnare leading Democrats like President Barack Obama, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and New York Senator […]

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