Sony Says the PlayStation 4 Is Well Past 5 Million Units Sold Worldwide

Last week, Sony hardware marketing head John Koller told us the PlayStation 4 had outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One two-to-one in January. But he didn’t offer a hard figure, and the last number we’d seen from the company was in early January, when Sony’s Andrew House said the PS4 had surpassed 4.2 million units sold worldwide, from November 15 through December 28. […]

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Expect More Tech Acquisitions in 2014

I believe we are heading into an extremely aggressive period for mergers and acquisitions. The news of Google buying Nest and Lenovo buying Motorola is just the beginning. The environment is right for more deals of this nature. If we’re to expect a period of intense mergers, the first thing history tells us as an indicator is that we’re coming off […]

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Which Wireless Plan Is Cheapest?

Smartphone wireless plans didn’t used to be so complicated. You handed over about $200 for the phone, tried to get by with the minimum amount of voice, text and data — most carriers charged about $70 per month — and paid a little extra if you  needed more. Now, carriers want you to figure out exactly how much data you’ll […]

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