Doing Apps and Start-Ups While Still in High School

Like many young entrepreneurs here in Silicon Valley, Matthew Slipper knows that success does not come easy. His first start-up, an online education venture, flopped. His second, a video-sharing app for the iPhone, has sold only 20 copies. But Mr. Slipper is optimistic. He should be. He’s just 18, a founding member of the Paly Entrepreneurs Club, an extracurricular group […]

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From CrackBerry to ‘depressing’: The BlackBerry’s 5-year fall

Remember the CrackBerry? Five years ago, the buzzing gadget was all the rage — the rock star of mobile communication and seemingly every office drone’s high-tech status symbol. Sober-minded professionals talked about BlackBerry addiction and “phantom vibrations” that caused users to reach for the devices even when they weren’t actually doing anything. “It’s like Pavlov’s dog,” B. Marc Averitt, a […]

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