Android malware: 350 new malicious apps every hour

Better watch out what apps you opt to install on your Android device: It turns out malware-infested software for Google’s mobile operating system is multiplying at an alarming rate. Security researchers from antivirus software firm G Data have discovered that more than 750,000 new malicious apps have sprung out during the first quarter of this year, with estimates the total number […]

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A.I. will replace half of all jobs in the next decade, says widely followed technologist

Robots are likely to replace 50 percent of all jobs in the next decade, according to Kai-Fu Lee, founder of venture capital firm Sinovation Ventures and a top voice on tech in China. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the wave of the future, the influential technologist told CNBC, calling it the “singular thing that will be larger than all of human […]

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Apple is linking up with, the popular music video app. lets its users create and share their own music videos, using snippets of songs. Starting on Friday, Apple Music will be the service that supplies the songs, replacing UK-based provider 7digital, according to people familiar with the companies’ plans. Connecting with gives Apple a new marketing venue: […]

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