Google’s Moog Doodle: Play a ‘Mini-Goog’, Celebrate the Life of an Electronic Music Pioneer

When I woke this morning to find a funky-looking 24-key Moog synthesizer staring at me from just above Google’s homepage search box, I knew exactly what I’d be writing about. I’ve played the piano since I was four, growing up in the 1970s noodling with funky-sounding analog synthesizers stacked around my house. Robert Moog (his last name actually rhymes with […]

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Obama’s European Stimulus Challenge

Barack Obama’s reelection may well depend on stimulus. Not the stimulus bill that passed Congress in 2009. Or the monetary injections administered by the Federal Reserve. This stimulus won’t even be debated in Washington. Obama’s reelection hinges on whether 17 Eurozone nations can band together to deal with a financial crisis threatening to tear apart Europe’s common currency and drag […]

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Chicago’s NATO Summit: In the Shadow of Global Geopolitics, the Realities of an American City

For several days leading up to the start of the NATO summit in Chicago, protests, while large and passionate, were a controlled and carefully orchestrated affair. Demonstrators stayed in their assigned areas, while swarms of police on horseback and foot fanned out into the streets. Some of that changed this weekend with isolated clashes between police and activists; the latter […]

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