North Korean state media lashes out at China and suggests Trump is ignorant

With tensions high over North Korean’s nuclear program and the threat of conflict refusing to subside, North Korean state media lashed out Wednesday and Thursday. President Trump was one target, but China — a major ally and benefactor of North Korea — faced its own pointed critique. The comments about Trump appeared first in Minju Choson, the principal newspaper of North Korea’s cabinet, and were […]

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As North Korea’s arsenal grows, experts see heightened risk of ‘miscalculation’

On the day of North Korea’s first atomic test in 2006, aides to President George W. Bush began phoning foreign capitals to reassure allies startled by Pyongyang’s surprising feat. The test, aides said, had been mostly a failure: a botched, 1-kiloton cry for attention from a regime that had no warheads or reliable delivery systems and would never be allowed […]

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Security Council strongly condemns North Korea missile test

The U.N. Security Council is strongly condemning North Korea’s ballistic missile launches and warning of “further significant measures” if Pyongyang doesn’t stop nuclear and missile testing. A council statement late Monday followed a strong condemnation by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres of the latest launch and a pledge by U.S. President Donald Trump to deal with North Korea “very strongly.” The Security […]

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