The Mayor of Athens: A Sober Voice in a World of Extremes

On June 4, George Kaminis, the mild-mannered mayor of Athens, visited Greece‘s Minister of Citizen Protection, Nikos Dendias, to discuss a legislative proposal put forth by the ministry for the regulation of minor demonstrations in Athens. Kaminis, a moderately left-wing former constitutional lawyer, is not one to crackdown on dissent, but he had reached the end of his tether. Retailers […]

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Will mammoths be brought back to life? Liquid blood find fuels cloning hopes

Remember when woolly mammoths roamed the planet? No? Well don’t worry if you missed the last ice age — scientists have moved one step closer to possibly bringing the beasts back to life with the discovery of liquid blood in a well-preserved mammoth carcass in Siberia. Researchers from the Northeast Federal University in Yakutsk found the 10,000-year-old female mammoth buried […]

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