Monday’s presidential debate could be moment of truth for stocks

The first presidential debate Monday may be a near-term catalyst for stocks, if one candidate or other looks set to break out. So far, Wall Street has favored an Election Day victory by Democrat Hillary Clinton, based on the fact she is a known entity, with a strong government background and known policies. Republican Donald Trump, on the other hand, […]


South Korea says time to reconsider North Korea’s U.N. membership

South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se accused North Korea on Thursday of “totally ridiculing” the authority of the United Nations through its nuclear and missile tests and said it was time to reconsider whether it was qualified for U.N. membership. In an address to the annual United Nations General Assembly, Yun said the U.N. security Council should adopt “stronger, comprehensive” […]


Officials Are Scrambling to Protect the Election From Hackers

As the United States barrels toward November elections, officials are still looking for last-minute fixes to ensure that the patchwork of voting technology used around the country can fend off the increasingly troubling prospect of hacker attacks. And in the latest of those efforts, Georgia representative Hank Johnson is set to introduce two bills today designed to shore up that […]


IRS Commissioner Avoids Questions on Trump’s Taxes

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen came to Congress Wednesday to defend himself against Republican calls to impeach him, but he also had to deflect Democrats’ repeated questions about what could become the most significant documents of 2016: Donald Trump’s tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service, maligned by Republicans during the Obama administration amid accusations the agency had targeted conservative groups for […]

Police hold their lines in uptown Charlotte, NC during a protest of the police shooting of Keith Scott, in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. September 21, 2016. REUTERS/Jason Miczek

Keith Scott’s Family Sees Videos of His Killing, and Says the Public Should, Too

The grieving relatives of a man who was killed by the police here watched videos on Thursday of the fatal shooting, a wrenching experience that they said revealed no hint of aggression in him and left the family members convinced that the videos should be made public. But the city’s police chief, who had arranged for the private viewing, held fast […]


Court Rules Dreadlock Ban During Hiring is Legal

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled against a lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Catastrophe Management Solutions, effectively ruling that refusing to hire someone because of their dreadlocks is legal. The lawsuit was filed by the EEOC on behalf of Chastity Jones, whose job offer was rescinded by Catastrophe Management Solutions, located in Mobile, […]


Iran Leader Says Politics Only Way to End Syrian War

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, whose country has supported the regime of Syrian leader Bashar Assad, said Wednesday that politics, not fighting, will bring the civil war there to an end. “What is of utmost importance is to understand that Syria doesn’t have a military solution,” Rouhani told NBC News’ Chuck Todd. “And the Syrians’ problems must certainly be resolved politically. […]


Great Scott! Nike’s self-lacing trainers go on sale 28 November

Nike has announced that its self-lacing trainers will go on sale on 28 November. The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, inspired by the shoes worn by Back to the Future protagonist Marty McFly, will be available at select Nike outlets in the US, presumably costing top dollar. Nike has been working on the HyperAdapt 1.0 for some time but only gave us […]


Clinton asks why she isn’t beating Trump by 50 points

Hillary Clinton gave voice Wednesday to a question on the minds of many of her fiercest advocates in her race against the controversy-prone Donald Trump: Why isn’t she way, way ahead? The Democratic nominee raised the issue here during an address via video conference to a gathering in Las Vegas of the Laborers’ International Union of North America. The former […]


Trump’s claim that ‘we’re not allowed to profile’ potential terrorists

We’re allowing these people to come into our country and destroy our country, and make it unsafe for people. We don’t want to do any profiling. If somebody looks like he’s got a massive bomb on his back, we won’t go up to that person … because if he looks like he comes from that part of the world, we’re […]