Why Marco Rubio’s Presidential Bid Makes Republicans Nervous

It throws a costly, competitive Senate race up for grabs When he announced his campaign for President on Monday, Sen. Marco Rubio noted that not everyone in his party was thrilled about the idea. “I have heard some suggest that I should step aside and wait my turn,” the Florida Republican told supporters gathered at Miami’s Freedom Tower. Rubio wasn’t just alluding to critics who question his decision to run…


The U.N. Envoy to Yemen Has Quit

Moroccan diplomat Jamal Benomar had lost the support of the Gulf countries in his mission The U.N. envoy to Yemen has resigned, citing “an interest in moving on to another assignment.” Jamal Benomar, who has served as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s special envoy to the Middle Eastern country since 2012, reportedly threw in the towel due to lack of support from Gulf countries for his peacekeeping endeavors, reports the AFP….


Your Voice Could Replace Annoying Cell Phone Passwords

Google has reportedly enabled a “trusted voice” feature for a limited number of Android users Google has reportedly begun to roll out a a new voice identification feature that unlocks Android smartphones with a spoken command rather than a PIN number. Several smartphone owners told the website Android Police that they first spotted the “Trusted Voice” feature in the settings menu after they updated their phones to Android’s latest version….


Clinton Foundation Will Still Accept Foreign Donations From 6 Countries

Future donations will only be allowed from six governments (WASHINGTON) — The board of the Clinton Foundation says it will continue accepting donations from foreign governments but only six nations, a move aimed at insulating presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton from controversies over the charity’s reliance on millions of dollars from abroad. Clinton resigned from the foundation’s board last week amid criticism over the charity’s ties to foreign governments. Foundation…


White House Standoff With Congress Over Iran Bill Not Over

Obama must now sell the deal to skeptical lawmakers (WASHINGTON) — Legislation empowering Congress to reject an emerging Iran nuclear pact is expected to sail through both houses of Congress, leaving President Barack Obama with the tough task of selling the deal to skeptical lawmakers. “I don’t know how you cut a deal with the devil and think the devil is going to keep his end of the deal,” House…

Chris Christie

How Obamacare Makes Chris Christie’s Medicare Plan Possible

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would like to raise the age to qualify for Medicare, part of a bold plan to reform entitlementsthat he released Tuesday morning. The proposal was greeted with cheers from many conservatives, but there’s a twist. The main reason that slowly raising the retirement age from 65 to 69 is politically feasible is a law that many conservatives hate:Obamacare. That’s because working-class Americans who lose healthinsurance…


Cubans Hail Removal From U.S. List of State Terrorism Sponsors

The removal heals a decades-old insult to Cuba’s national pride and will lead to restoring diplomatic ties (HAVANA) — Cuban officials and ordinary citizens alike hailed the island’s removal from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism, saying the move by President Barack Obama heals a decades-old insult to national pride and clears the way to swiftly restore diplomatic relations. “The Cuban government recognizes the president of the United…


European Union Files Antitrust Charges Against Google

A “statement of objections” to Google’s business practices was to be released by Wednesday (BRUSSELS) — The European Union’s competition chief is filing an antitrust complaint alleging Google has been abusing its dominance in Internet searches and is opening a probe into its Android mobile system. EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said Wednesday she is “concerned that the company has given an unfair advantage to its own comparison shopping service.”…


Hillary Clinton Campaigns at Small Events in Iowa

She met with students and teachers at a community college (CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa)—The big rallies and massive fundraising blitzes have to wait. Hillary Rodham Clinton is getting her 2016 campaign for president started with a few caffeinated beverages and says she’s ready to “drink my way across Iowa.” “Hi, everybody,” Clinton said Tuesday after popping into the Jones Street Java House, a coffee shop in the Mississippi River town of…


Female Politicians Say Transparency Is Key to Equal Pay

With women making 78 cents to the dollar for men performing the same work, there’s still a long way to go before equal pay becomes a reality. But, as several female politicians noted on Tuesday, one of the biggest barriers to equal pay is a lack of transparency. Speaking on a conference call hosted by EMILY’s List, a group working to elect more Democratic women, female lawmakers talked about the…