Hillary Clinton Struggles to Find Footing in Unusual Race

Democrats could hardly believe their good fortune last month when it became clear that Hillary Clinton was headed to a general election showdown with Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump carried so much baggage and had insulted so many voting blocs that some Clinton supporters began to imagine a landslide. But early optimism that this would be an easy race is […]


Iran Bars Pilgrims From Traveling to Mecca for Hajj

In a sign of further tension between regional rivals, Iran will not allow its citizens to travel to Saudi Arabia for the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca in September, Iran’s state television reported on Sunday. The decision, which means that tens of thousands of Iranians cannot make their spiritual journey to the main pilgrimage site of Islam, comes after several […]


HTC is developing its own virtual reality game for the Vive

HTC is developing a virtual reality game for its Vive headset called Front Defense, and the company plans on demoing it at the Computex conference in Taipei, Taiwan next week. Little is known about the game, as translated marketing material simply describes it as a wartime shooter game. It’s an unusual move for the Taiwanese phone maker, which has not traditionally […]


Sanders: Federal report on Clinton emails requires ‘a hard look’

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders said Sunday that American voters, superdelegates and others must “take a hard look” at the recent federal report that found primary rival Hillary Clinton’s email setup while running the State Department broke agency rules. “It was not a good report for Secretary Clinton. That is something that the American people, Democrats and delegates are […]


Even in victory, Donald Trump can’t stop airing his grievances

Donald Trump could have taken a victory lap last week. Instead, he went on a grudge tour. During his first big campaign swing since locking up the Republican presidential nomination, Trump went after an odd and seemingly random group of people — Democrats and Republicans, famous and obscure. There seemed little to gain politically from the attacks, and his targets […]


With GOP nomination locked up, Trump goes hard after Clinton

Triumphantly armed with a majority of his party’s delegates, Republican Donald Trump unleashed a broadside attack Thursday on Hillary Clinton’s prescriptions for energy, guns, the economy and international affairs, shifting abruptly toward the general election with his likely Democratic opponent locked in a divisive primary contest. The New York billionaire shrugged off signs of discord within his own campaign hours […]


Muslims attack Christians in south Egypt after rumoured affair

A group of Muslims set fire to seven houses belonging to Christians and stripped a woman naked in southern Egypt after rumours that her Christian son had an affair with a Muslim woman, the local church and witnesses said. The incident took place on May 20 in the southern province of Minya, the local Coptic Orthodox church said in a […]


PayPal is shutting down its Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Amazon apps

PayPal is thinning the number of mobile operating systems supported by the company’s flagship app down to just two: Android and iOS. The PayPal mobile apps for Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Amazon’s Fire OS will be discontinued as of June 30. “It was a difficult decision to no longer support the PayPal app on these mobile platforms,” said Joanna Lambert, […]


Origin of key Clinton emails from report are a mystery

Since her use of a private email server was made public last year, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has insisted she turned over all work-related emails to the State Department to be released to the public. But after 14 months of public scrutiny and the release of tens of thousands of emails, an agency watchdog’s discovery of at least three […]


Obama: World leaders rightfully ‘rattled’ by Trump

President Barack Obama asserted Tuesday that foreign leaders are “rattled” by Donald Trump and have good reason to feel that way, as he accused the presumptive Republican presidential nominee of ignorance about world affairs. Weighing in on the Democratic race to replace him, Obama also downplayed concerns that the protracted fight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is hurting his […]