Donald Trump is sworn in as president, vows to end ‘American carnage’

Donald John Trump was sworn in Friday as the nation’s 45th president and delivered a fiery nationalist manifesto that promised a populist restoration by stripping power from Washington’s elites and ending an era of “American carnage.” Framing his ascension as transformational and global in its impact, Trump delivered a dark inaugural address in which he pledged fealty to all Americans. […]


Russia Signs Deal for Syria Bases; Turkey Appears to Accept Assad

Russia signed a long-term agreement on Friday to greatly enlarge its military presence in Syria, more than doubling the space for warships in Russia’s only Mediterranean port and securing rights to an air base that may already be adding a second runway. The agreement covers the port in Tartus and an air base near Latakia, which have been pivotal in […]


Apple’s next iPhone rumored to have facial recognition powered by a new ‘laser sensor’

Apple’s next iPhone could include some “form of facial/gesture recognition,” according to a research note distributed to clients by Cowen and Company on Wednesday. The note includes several new details about Apple’s upcoming iPhone, which is expected to launch in September. “Other features appear to include some form of facial/gesture recognition supported by a new laser sensor and an infrared […]


Trump signs executive order that could effectively gut Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate

President Trump signed an executive order late Friday giving federal agencies broad powers to unwind regulations created under the Affordable Care Act, including the penalty for people who fail to carry the health insurance that the law requires of most Americans. The executive order, signed in the Oval Office as one of the new president’s first actions, directs agencies to […]


Fires, bricks mark daylong assault on inaugural festivities

Protesters set fires and hurled bricks in a daylong assault on the city hosting Donald Trump’s inauguration, registering their rage against the new president in a series of clashes that led to more than 200 arrests. Police used pepper spray and stun grenades to prevent the chaos from spilling into Trump’s formal procession and evening balls. Several spirited demonstrations unfolded […]


Trump sworn in, marking a transformative shift in the country’s leadership

Donald John Trump was sworn in Friday as the 45th president of the United States, taking office on a day that has featured smaller crowds and more subdued ceremony than previous inaugurations — but still ushers in a transformative shift in the country’s leadership. Trump, 70, was administered the oath by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. His wife Melania […]


Syria’s war creates myriad problems for Turkey

The attacks in Turkey came in rapid succession: twin bombs at a stadium, a Russian diplomat’s murder and then, just a few days later, a mass shooting at an Istanbul nightclub on New Year’s Eve. The assaults, carried out over a three-week period beginning in December, were a stark reminder of Turkey’s dangerous proximity to the war next door in […]


Samsung SmartCam

Smart cameras marketed under the Samsung brand name are vulnerable to attacks that allow hackers to gain full control, a status that allows the viewing of what are supposed to be private video feeds, researchers said. The remote code-execution vulnerability has been confirmed in the Samsung SmartCam SNH-1011, but the researchers said they suspect other models in the same product […]


Smashed windows, chaotic confrontation near inauguration

Police deployed pepper spray in a chaotic confrontation blocks from Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday as protesters registered their rage against the incoming president. Spirited demonstrations unfolded peacefully at various security checkpoints near the Capitol as police helped ticket-holders get through to the inaugural ceremony. Signs read, “Resist Trump Climate Justice Now,” ”Let Freedom Ring,” ”Free Palestine.” But at one point, […]


Wealthy donors, once Trump’s punching bags, get VIP treatment at inauguration

If you’re a wealthy donor who gave at least $250,000 to this year’s inaugural committee, there’s a good chance you got to mingle with the incoming president at private soirees in Washington at least four times before Friday’s main festivities. There was the Chairman’s Global Dinner Tuesday night at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, where Donald Trump jointed a group […]