Tax reform battle could be worse than health care brawl

The recent congressional wrangling over Obamacare may turn out to be tame compared with the looming fight over your taxes.Despite widespread, bipartisan agreement that U.S. tax rules need to be rewritten, there’s little consensus on how to go about it. That’s one reason it’s been three decades since the last major overhaul, when President Ronald Reagan fulfilled a campaign promise […]

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Republicans’ health-care split goes all the way to the party’s soul

For decades, the Republican Party has stood for small government and pledged — if given the opportunity — it would safeguard the country’s financial future by cutting trillions of dollars from federal entitlement programs.  That chance finally came this week. The party balked. At the heart of the failed Senate effort to repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act were irreconcilable […]

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