When People Describe Themselves as Experts, It’s a Good Sign They Aren’t

Microsoft, as you may have heard, announced yesterday that it intends to buy Nokia’s devices and services business, turning itself from a maker of smartphone operating systems into a maker of smartphones. It’s a big, big story. And when big, big stories happen, tech journalists such as me can be sure of one thing: Our inboxes will be filled with e-mail […]

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3 ways to improve Apple’s Mac OS X

Apple’s latest Macintosh operating system hasn’t yet hit store shelves, but if the unveiling of OS X Mavericks was any indication, its improvements aren’t exactly what you’d call thrilling. Mavericks’ claims are workmanlike, but clearly beneficial. It’s faster, has an improved notifications system and offers more flexibility over how you use a second monitor. It has a better browser and […]

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